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Essential Oils

We proudly present our extensive collection of pure Essential Oils, meticulously obtained through steam distillation, all originating from Bulgaria. Our partners have been chosen with utmost care, ensuring their expertise and certifications meet our exacting standards.

In particular, we’d like to spotlight some of our exceptional products, including rose, lavender, juniper, scotch pine, zdravetz, yarrow, and melissa. You can explore our complete inventory below. Feel free to reach out for a personalized offer, and we will gladly provide you with the corresponding certificate of analysis.

Latin NameEnglish NameCertificationType
Achillea Millefolium  – 3%Yarrow – blue oilOrgWild
Achillea Millefolium  – 6,7%Yarrow – blue oilOrgCultivated
Anethium Graveolens-herbaDill weedOrgWild
Anethium Graveolens-semenDill seedConvWild
Basilicum OccimumBasilConvCultivated
Coriandrum SativumCorianderConvCultivated
Cotinus CoggyraSmoke treeConvWild
Foeniculum VulgareFennel SeedConvCultivated
Foeniculum VulgareFennelConvCultivated
Geranium Macrorrhizum Zdravetz 70% germacronOrgWild
Hypericum Perforatum St. John’s WorthOrgWild
Hyssopus of.HyssopOrgCultivated
Juniperi Communis  FoliaJuniper -NeedleOrgWild
Juniperi Communis  FruktusJuniper – fruitOrgWild
Lavandula angustifoliaLavenderOrgCultivated
Melissa Of.Lemon balmConvCultivated
Origanum HeracleoticumOriganConvCultivated
Pinus SilvestrisScotch PineOrgWild
Rosa DamascenaRoseOrgCultivated
Salvia OfficinalisSalviaConvCultivated
Salvia SclareaClary SageConvCultivated
Satureja MontanaWinter SavoryConvCultivated
Thanacetum VulgareTansyConvWild
Thymus Serpillum ThymeConvWild

Herbal Extracts

We offer premium herbal extracts for cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals, known for their purity and high active substance content, with added benefits in texture, particle size, and solubility. Our state-of-the-art partner facilities in Bulgaria strictly adhere to EUROPHARMA-2003 pharmacopeia guidelines.

Our product list comprises over 50 year-round-available extracts suitable for small or large-scale production. We use maceration, alcohol percolation, or purified water solvents in a vacuum process at temperatures below 70°C to maintain active substance quality. The final fluid extract is concentrated and spray dried in a vacuum chamber.

Fl.ChamomillaeChamomile flowersChamomille
Fl.RobiniaeAcacia flowersAcacia
Fol. AvellanaeHazelbush leavesNoisetier
Fol. BetulaeBirch leavesBouleua
Fol. Rubi idaeiRaspberry leavesFramboisier
Fol.FragariaeStrawberry leavesFraisier
Fol.MelissaeCommon balm leavesMélisse
Fol.UrticaeNettle leavesOrtille
Fr. JuniperiJuniper fruitsGenévrier
Fr. Sambuci nigriBlack elder fruitsSureau Noir
Fr. Vitis-idaeiCrowberry fruitsAirelle rouge
Fr.CrataegiHawthorn fruitsAubépine
Fr.FoeniculiFennel fruitsFenouil
Fr.JuglandisWalnut nuts Noyer
Hb. ThymiWild thyme stalksThym
Hb. TribuliYellow vine stalksTribulle
Hb.HypericiSt. John’s wort stalks Millepertuis
Rhiz.ValerianaeCommon valerian rootsValériane
Sem. CucurbitaePumpkin seedsCitrouille
Sem.ArmeniacaeApricot kernelsAbricot
Tub.Helianthi tuberosаeJerusalem artichokeTopinambur

The herb-rich region

Bulgaria, boasts around 250 natural species, with approximately 50 available year-round from various collectors. This small nation encompasses diverse landscapes, including lowlands, hills, mountains, and plateaus, where herbs are hand-collected at altitudes ranging from 600 to 2,500 meters, comprising a quarter of its territory.

These herb-rich regions remain ecologically pristine due to low economic activity and sparse populations, with only 35 people per square kilometer outside cities. Bulgaria’s unique position between continental and Mediterranean climates, shaped by mountains and valleys, creates distinct microclimates, like the renowned Rose Valley.

These factors, combined with fertile soils, yield Bulgaria’s remarkable herb diversity and exceptional herbal qualities.

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